In The Air Knife and Axe Throwing Bar on Bank Street Date fun lounge in Ottawa Carlton University

Are we licenced for alcohol?


In The Air - The Knife and Axe Throwing Bar serves an incredible selection of craft beers, cider, local mead, and mixed drinks.

Guild. Bar. Lounge.

Knife Throwing

Knife throwing is for ages 10 and up*.  Anyone under the age of majority, must have a guardian sign the waiver and assume responsibility of the minor's time and activity. 

Knife Throwing Walk-Ins are available Everyday, anytime, so long as arenas are available

*Evening weekly competitions are for ages 19+. Weekend weekly competitions and special events posted, will indicate specific age requirements. The ability to participate is always at the discretion of the coaches and staff. 

Axe Throwing

Axe Throwing is posted at age 16+, with coach and staff discretion.   

Axe Throwing Walk-Ins are now available 7 days a week!

Axe Throwing Parties can be booked to be any day of the week.

Outside food and drink while knife and axe throwing

We have snacks available to help those grumbling tummies at the bar, so you can sit with a drink and snack in our lounge and enjoy your time In The Air.

Booked parties for knife or axe throwing have the option to...

1. Order food in advance through our site, to accommodate the event.  These orders should be made at least 3 days in advance with the booking.

2. Bring your own food for the party. Whether you make it a potluck or catered event, is up to you.

For any and all options, ALL BEVERAGES, ALCOHOLIC and NON-ALCOHOLIC MUST be purchased from our venue.

Are we Insured

Yes. In The Air - The Knife and Axe Throwing Bar is fully insured. 

With said insurance, anyone wishing to participate must fill out the waiver with all applicable information. 

You are in good hands. We've employed the best knife throwers in the city to facilitate all your needs and get you throwing without incident. 

Minimum party sized

Minimum party requirements for billing and booking purposes are set 10 guests.

In The Air Knife and Axe Throwing Bar on Bank Street Date Night Idea

Can we bring our own knives and axes?

Non-member Walk-Ins & Booked Events MUST always use house equipment.  Guild Members may bring their own knives for Walk-Ins and competitions, subject to our approval. In a nutshell, knives must be between 10 to 12 inches, in good condition, functional, safe and within reason of throwing.  Staff must approve the knives used.

Who can throw?

Our incredible and versatile Staff can get the newest, and most timid throwers knife and axe throwing!  This sport is extremely unique, where age, gender, height, mass, fitness level or experience does not affect your ability to grasp the throwing technique.  The Staff are able to teach and adjust your throwing so that you are successful in a short time.  

EVERYONE has the potential to win matches, and walk into the arenas with confidence!

Do I have to throw?

In The Air - The Knife and Axe Throwing Bar, is a bar with a lounge. If you want to sit back, relax, have a drink, cheer, watch, we fully encourage you to come on in.

Rescheduling and cancellations

Rescheduling or canceling a booked party must be done at least 5 business days before the booked event.  

Failure to reschedule before this time may result in loss of party deposits and/or additional charges for future events.  A party knife or axe throwing party falling short on its guest count may be subject to additional charges and/or losing the party deposit.  

Are pets allowed

Pets are unfortunately not allowed In The Air.