In The Air Events Bar & Lounge

In The Air has been closed at 3094 Carling as of February 28th due to an operation dispute with its landlord, Riocan.  We are in the process of finding another location and will announce where that is as soon as possible. Many of our members are real estate agents and are jumping on this so that we can get the community back together. 

Those that made deposits for parties the month of March will be getting their deposits back in a very short time, please bear with us. We are still interested in your customer satisfaction and apologize for the incredible situation we’ve found ourselves in.  

We look forward to rocking your events and parties ASAP. Please stay tuned!

Knife & Axe Throwing Parties & Walk-Ins

Knife & Axe Weekly Competitions

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In The Air

Our address is currently In The Air. We will a new location asap

(613) 413-8098

Business Hours

We will announce new business hours with the new location announcement. Thank you for your interest, support and understanding.  This is exactly what makes a Guild. 

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*Walk-Ins are based on half hour shared time.  Time begins when training begins, the clock continues regardless of amount of throws, breaks or rotation frequency with other guests. The amount of throwing in the time duration can vary dependent on guest numbers and amount of guests involved.  Multiple groups will be brought to shared arenas for Walk-Ins.  Think of it as a pool: how many  times you can use the water slide depends on how many people are in line for the water slide with you, whether you know them or not.

 Guests must comply with all house rules and regulations at all times.