Walk-Ins Vs. Booked Parties

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Walk-Ins, just like at a doctors office, are exactly that.  Walk In.  Come in and throw, no reservation, email, or calls required.

Great for:

Booked Parties

Booking a party is the ultimate group activity!  For groups of 6 to a 100+; booking your party in advance will:

Weekly Competitions

We have weekly knife throwing competitions we call Factions.  We're a Guild, we have Factions!  Distinctive Factions are designed for and playable by either kids or adults as we have both Faction days set up.

Factions are tiered so you will be playing with others at your level.  The Grand Master will never brag about beating the newbie and fresh clients will have the fair ability of progressing.  S, no excuses!!! none of this waiting around until you get better!!!  Join the Guild and learn from the best each week!

We have five different competitive throws from five different distances, depending on your tiered level.

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