Best of the Best


Bringing it all Together

Join the The Guild for it's knife throwing weekly competitions, and get all the perks therein!

Being a member of the Guild entitles you to 

  • a discount on joining the Axe throwing weekly competitions (less than $70 to join the competitions!)  Join both and show your dominance in both knives and axes.  
  • impromptu discounted competitions for Guild members to come in and test their might against each other without affecting their standings - this saves you lots of money and gives you the practice you need to make it further in the Championships!
  • 30% off Knife throwing Walk-Ins and 10% off Axe throwing Walk-Ins
  • Line bypass (if there is a free arena for you to do your Walk-Ins, you may practice there, rather than be with the general public.  This gives you much more throwing time
  • the ability to throw alternative "trick shots".  Guild members are fully trained and understand the house rules as well as the staff.  We know they not only help each other, but practice all standards of safety.  That being said, trick shots are permitted so long as they fall within house safety rules.  (trick shots are anything beyond standard throwing)
  • the ability to use your own knives for both Walk-Ins and Guild Competitions (so long as they fall within Guild standards and are approved by staff)
  • advance notice for special promotions and contests
  • and much more to come!!!!  Join today!