Knife Throwing Special Events

In The Air The Knife and Axe Throwing Bar and Knife Throwing Guild Ottawa

Daily Specials & New Season Sign Ups!

Guild Knife Throwing Competitions!
Join the weekly competitions to build your status within the standings to compete for the Championship Title at the end of the Season! Click here for more! 

March Break and extended Leave Special!

All Walk-Ins from noon to 6 pm for guests aged 10 to 17 get a dollar off per session!  An adult must be present to accompany the minor(s)

Monday through Thursday's noon to 6 pm from March 16th to April 2nd

St. Patrick's Day - From 3 pm to 8 pm 

 Save 25% by getting two tall can stouts or two dark beers with two half-hour walk-ins with you and a guest!  all for $29.95!

Easter Special!  April 10 to 13

Walk-Ins Special, four or more guests throwing knives or axes with a beverage each will get a free complimentary nacho platter!

Celebrate by throwing a great time In The Air with us! 

Weekly Specials

For knife throwing, The bar and Lounge and The Guild in Ottawa

Mondays - 2-4-1 Walk-Ins  - Two Guests throw for the price of one guest in Walk-Ins, all other Walk-Ins rules apply.
Tuesdays - Play for Prizes - All Walk-In Guests from the day will be entered into a monthly draw.  Prizes will very from "oh, cool" to "OMG this is amazing!"
Wednesdays - Here's your opportunity to suggest to an awesome business what perks you'd like!  Tag us on IG #intheairguild with videos or photos of you asking us what weekly promo you'd love to have In The Air on Wednesdays!
Thursday -While the weekly competitions take place you are welcome to come throw Walk-Ins as usual, but Thursdays you can mingle and meet Stellar knife throwers from your community!  
Friday - Louder Music  Yes, louder and rocking tunes!  Feel free to suggest to us you favorite rock songs to add to our playlist.  Tag us on IG #intheairguild and tag your music with awesome photos of you to convince us your songs belong In The Air
Saturday - Extra Fun - It is Saturday!  We all get a bit more giddy on Saturdays!
Sunday - Share your "Axe"perience while you are here on IG or FB tagging us and get 10% off

*Specials cannot be combined with other specials or compound with promotions