Knife & Axe Throwing

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Knife Throwing

In The Air is above all, a knife throwing bar.  We pride ourselves on the knives used, the techniques we coach and the games we've created.  Knife throwing generally requires more finesse to throw than an axe.  Once you get it down, in a matter of minutes, you generally get more throws in per session, you do far less walking and the knives are considerably lighter than the axes.  Great for all ages and fitness levels.

Axe Throwing

A perk of In The Air is that we throw not only knives, but axes as well.  Axes are more easily stuck into the target as the mass will make that happen - that being said, the axes are fairly heavy compared to the knives.  Better suited for a more fit crowd and a bit older.  There is a lot more walking and time spent between throws.  Much more physically demanding than knives.

Is it Safe

The sport is absolutely safe!  it is far more dangerous driving to our location than it is playing In The Air!  With thousands coming through our doors we can gladly say we've had zero incidents.  There are coaches with you, we monitor everything to ensure safety & satisfaction.  Guests come to In The Air to experience the fun.  We encourage throwing with a drink - never getting sloshed and chucking knives.  

Is In The Air Insured

Indeed In The Air is insured

Is There a Waiver?

Yes, anyone entering the facility and wishes to throw knives or axes must complete the waiver entirely as requested in order to participate.

Is There a Dress Code?

The only requirement we have is closed-toe shoes.  This is for the same reason you have cases on your phones...  we have a tendency of dropping things.

Other than that, remember that you are partaking in a physical sport - be sure you are able to move freely and safely.

Knives and Axes

intheair guild ottawa knife throwing family bar event lounge beer drink date kids family company axe

Can I Bring My Own Knives and Axes?

House knives are provided for all booked parties.  Only house knives are used for booked parties.

House knives and axes are provided and available for Faction and weekly competitions.  Members of the Guild may bring their own contingent on

  • the items are legal
  • knives are 10 to 12 inches in length
  •  in good condition
  • functional
  • be approved by staff
  • axes must only be house axes at this time. 

House knives and axes are provided and available for all Walk-Ins.  Faction members often have and are permitted to bring and use their own knives as long as they meet the same criteria listed above for the Factions.

We fully encourage our clients to bring their collection in to show other members and staff, we all love the sport and knives involved.   Only knives meeting criteria may be used though.