Welcome to the first & only Knife Throwing Events Lounge & Bar in Ottawa.

The History

How Did it All Begin?

Talking with a local knife shop - it turns out throwing knives out-sells cutlery. Realizing there were more fools like myself that wanted somewhere to throw with other like-minded individuals, I started up a group on a local social media site, MeetUp/InTheAir,

From yard to yard we scheduled outdoor throws.  The problem we had was relying on weather and seasons.  Now, out of the cold and in from the rain - we are successfully launching our first full venue!

Real Interest!

In a matter of weeks I had gained over 80 members in my knife throwing group - In the Air.  Everyone from 19 to well into retirement.  They all wanted the exact same thing - to do something different.  And of all the groups they could join on the social networking site, knife throwing was their first group to join.

The group is evenly matched - 50/50 men and women, of all walks of life and professions.  Members were artists, industrial architects, RCMP, lawyers, teachers, retail and more.  

The best thing about the sport is that anyone can do it.  In this sport age, height, weight, gender, fitness level...  means nothing.  Everyone has the potential to learn and grasp the game every bit as much as everyone else... that being said - ANYONE can win!  

Simply follow the instructions, and above all have fun & believe in yourself.  We do. We can smell your success In the Air.

Gaining Steam

A mere three months into the group's beginning, and a local journalist, Bruce Deachman, joined us for three hours in January 2015 to do a story on us.  He was covering great things to do in the city and this topped the list.  I was completely honored.  

We are now 310 members strong and growing.  

The Owner

Dedication and Drive is In The Air

The Owner of In The Air, Clinton Butler, has a colorful history meshing business and arts successfully.  Having run businesses during the day, Clinton has been an actor, model, magician, and accomplished photographer by night.  

Clinton had been acquired by a local business to coach axe-throwing and quickly established his professional entertaining skills along with business aptitude by leading the location's success.

Some of the clients Clinton had coached at that time include the likes of:  Blackberry, Td CanadaTrust, Apple, CSIS, a Multitude of Government Levels and branches, The Ottawa General Hospital, The Ontario Police Association, The Museum of Science, The Aviation Museum, and more... 

Some of the client reviews can be found below as testimonials.

Testimonials of The Owner's Personal Coaching Ability

  •   "Highly suggest coach Clinton. He brought us through an awesome friendly tournament." Connor   
  • “Clinton was a good and fun instructor..” Robert   
  • “Had a blast last night with coach Clinton! Not only did he make sure that everyone in my group was having a blast; but he was incredibly knowledgeable, offering assistance, and sharing incredibly helpful tips ensuring that no one in the group would feel out of competition. Will return, and hopefully we'll get Clinton again!!” Matt ThirdEye ​ 
  • "Had a great time!! Awesome team building ( or just for laughing at your friends) great music. Clint was awesome!! Definitely coming back!!" Sherry MCCarthy ​
  • "...Our coach Clinton was hilarious, he couldn't of been a better match for our group! Thanks!" Andrew Allston ​ 
  • "It was awesome. Clint made my night" Craig Curran ​ 
  • "AMAZING experience! Excellent instruction from Clint and delicious beer what more can you ask for?!" Christina Bailey ​ 
  • "So much fun! Clinton was a great coach, anyone can do it regardless of size and strength! Highly recommend for a team event." Lauren Ramgattie ​ 
  • "Clinton really takes time to coach and offers great advice: Ken Galama ​ 
  • "Clinton was amazing and so much fun!!!" Seans S.