A History of Knife Throwing In The Air

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How Did it All Begin?

Talking with a local knife shop about knife throwing in Ottawa - it turns out throwing knives out-sells cutlery. Realizing there were more fools like myself that wanted somewhere to throw with other like-minded individuals, I started up a group on a local social media site, MeetUp/InTheAir,

From yard to yard we scheduled outdoor throws .  The weather, not always being favorable in Ottawa prompted us to find a permanent location.  Now, out of the cold and in from the rain - we are now one of Ottawa's most distinctive entertainment venues in the city!

intheair guild ottawa knife throwing family bar event lounge beer drink date kids family company axe

Real Interest!

In The Air is everyone from 10 to well into retirement.  They all wanted the exact same thing - to do something different.  And of all the groups they could join on the social networking site, knife throwing was their first group to join.

The group is evenly matched - 50/50 men and women, of all walks of life and professions.  Members were artists, industrial architects, RCMP, lawyers, teachers, retail and more.  

The best thing about the sport is that anyone can do it.  In this sport age, height, weight, gender, fitness level...  means nothing.  Everyone has the potential to learn and grasp the game every bit as much as everyone else... that being said - ANYONE can win!  

Simply follow the instructions, and above all have fun & believe in yourself.  We do. We can smell your success In the Air.


intheair guild ottawa knife throwing family bar event lounge beer drink date kids family company axe

In The Air Reviews


Chris Whiting
Local Guide ・90 reviews・133 photos

★★★★★ a month ago

A fun way to end the week!   Throw some knives ... with an excellent tutorial .  And enjoy a social drink while you do it! 


Adam Manley Densmore
Local Guide ・159 reviews・76 photos

★★★★★ 6 months ago

Great staff, fair prices. They showed me how to throw knives in a short amount of time. At the time of writing; they were still renovating, but this did not hinder the experience in any way. If you like darts, or axe throwing, or any other "throw this at that" type of game, head over to this place. 

Kaitlyn G
3 reviews

★★★★★ a week ago

First time going and had more fun than I expected. Dragon, one of the staff, was super helpful in teaching us the techniques and made us feel comfortable our first time throwing. There’s a bar too so it’s a nice place to pass some time. 


Francis Shin
2 reviews

★★★★★ a month ago

Stumbled upon In the Air while my girlfriend and I were looking to kill some time before our movie started at the Cineplex nearby. Clinton was a great coach who tweaked our throwing mechanics as we kept throwing, leading to solid improvements and satisfying bull's eye throws! With a couple of beers the hour went by super quickly and was a blast. Would recommend! 


Jason Selkirk
Local Guide ・12 reviews

★★★★★ 2 months ago

Stopped in on a whim with my girlfriend before heading to the movies.  We sat at the bar.  The bartender was great.   Very conversational.    The owner was there too and gave us a personal tour of an exhibit he's hosting.   The tour was a very nice touch.   Its refreshing to see a business try new things and I'm looking forward to a return visit. 


Steve Slater
Local Guide ・30 reviews・3 photos

★★★★★ 2 months ago

Went for a corporate team event, and we had a Blast!  Can't wait to come back with my friends, to show them this awesome, unique, super fun spot to hang out and try something new.  Everyone that works there when we were in was a total character, unique, and fun. Never a dull moment.