Welcome to the first & only Knife Throwing Events Lounge & Bar in Ottawa.

In The Air F.A.Q.

Everyone Wants Something Different

Why did In The Air become a required event?  It came down to demand.  There was an outcry for knife throwing and the need for a permanent venue in our Canadian climate that could accommodate.  

Everyone says they joined for one reason:  To do something different!

What is In The Air


What is it?

  • In The Air is a The Knife Throwing Guild. The ONLY Guild for knife throwing. 
  • Intended to bring together the community, strengthening our bonds through competition.  Bettering ourselves via understanding, support, tournaments and fun.

What is a Guild?

  • a medieval association of craftsmen or merchants, often having considerable power. 
  • an association of people for mutual aid or the pursuit of a common goal.

Synonyms: association, society, union, league, organization, company, cooperative, fellowship, club, order, lodge, brotherhood, fraternity, sisterhood, sorority.

"The copper craftsmen have formed a guild"

ECOLOGY:  a group of species that have similar requirements and play a similar role within a community. 

Who is In The Air

In The Air is comprised of everyone from RCMP officers, teachers, bankers, federal architects, police, artists, writers, financial advisers, sales experts, technology wizards and more.  We are everyone you deal with and/or rely on.  

Here In The Air, we are all given a level playing field.  The winners in the Guild are rarely those that everyone assumes.  We find that ANYONE can win, and appreciate those great victories!

We are extremely proud of the spectrum of our members!  We have the best supporters, clientele, and dedicated members!

In The Air is The Knife Throwing Guild in Nepean & The Knife Throwing Guild in Ottawa combined for your Social Events location in one stop. Plan your next event here!