Welcome to the first & only Knife Throwing Events Lounge & Bar in Ottawa.

The Guild

About Us



In The Air is a Special Events Bar & Lounge with Knife Throwing!!!  The only one of it's kind in the Ottawa-Gatineau-Nepean- Kanata Area.  

Adorned with no less than 12 throwing indoor throwing lanes for events, parties and walk-ins!  Our targets and games are designed for precision throwing that anyone can accomplish in a moment.

Join our newest season of weekly competitions now.   Our Faction Seasons are now sponsored by Steam Whistle Breweries, The Flying Monkeys Breweries, Beau's Brewery, Kichesippi Brewery & Raventhorne Photography!!  Sponsors are offering great prizes for seasonal and annual Champions!

Special Events such as pop-up art shows, themed events, bands and more will be announced on social media, along with contests for prizes.

Join us on Instagram & Facebook for contests!  Feel Free to contact us, we're always  In The Air!

Those that make In The Air


Why did In The Air become a required event?  It came down to demand.  There was an outcry for knife throwing and the need for a permanent venue in our Canadian climate that could accommodate.  

Everyone says they joined for one reason:  To do something different!

Guests In The Air

Our clients have ranged from telecommunications to financial institutions to local business.

Who is In The Air

What is it?

  • In The Air is a The Knife Throwing Guild. The ONLY Guild for knife throwing. 
  • Intended to bring together the community, strengthening our bonds through competition.  Bettering ourselves via understanding, support, tournaments and fun.

What is a Guild?

  • a medieval association of craftsmen or merchants, often having considerable power. 
  • an association of people for mutual aid or the pursuit of a common goal.

Synonyms: association, society, union, league, organization, company, cooperative, fellowship, club, order, lodge, brotherhood, fraternity, sisterhood, sorority.

What sets us apart?  We are a bar.  We throw knives.  We've buried the hatchet and move forward as a community,  Sharper.