Events: Now & Then In The Air

Upcoming Events

Valentine's Day & More!!!!!

February 12th 

  • Book today for a men's party of 8 or more and get a large extra greasy pizza on us.  Celebrate being out of the house with the guys!

February 13th 

  • The Anti-Valentine's Day!!!  Book for the 13th - Singles day!!!  Walk-Ins all day get a chance to mingle longer for less!  30% off Walk-Ins all day.  Here is your opportunity to meet someone, complain about someone, flirt with someone, and drink with someone!  Singles come get your butt In The Air with a drink in hand and discover other amazing people!!!!  

February 14th 

  • Walk-Ins on Valentine's Day, couples will get a 2-4-1 rate, 2 glasses of wine, and a professional photo of the couple to remember their beautiful and exciting date night!  All for $30/couple.  Additional rates may apply for more Walk-In time.

February 15th 

  • F-Bomb Everyone and that stupid Cupid!  I am Eating PIZZA!!!!!  Large Pizza's half price for parties of ten or more booked guests in a party from 11 am to 6 pm!  Love Life, Love excitement and Love Food!!!!

Dungeons & Dragons Going forward every Wednesday at 7pm & the last Sunday of every month!

  • No dice, we throw knives for fate decisions, combat, character creation & development 
  • House DM
  • We coach everyone to throw, regardless of what type of character you are. 
  • We use house knives, we are a knife throwing Guild after all
  • Licensed and a menu built for for gaming 
  • Great staff and incredible opportunity to revolutionize a magical game 
  • $21.95 for a three hour gaming party. 
  • Regular weekly games will take place Wednesday evenings starting at 7, beginning February 7th!

Hang Your Art In The Air

New artwork is hanging In The Air in our gallery.  

Come see Raventhorne Photography - Fantasy Art & Creative Portraiture

Past artists displayed In The Air

  • January 14th, through January 21st, 2018 - Local artist Tasfia  

Past Special Events

  • Sample Faction Night January 17th, and Fundraiser for Sabyna Mongeon.
  • In The Air Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with Mayor Jim Watson, January 14th, 2018
  • Galactic Cosplay In The Air - Star Trek Edition - January 6th, 2014 - ALL AGES

Connecting Businesses

When you join a Faction you will get a Faction card.  This card will serve several purposes: ID in the Guild & Faction, bragging rights at work, and serve for promotional purposes for discounts at In The Air and other businesses.

Such promotions for example would be when presented at Kutters Knives, you will get 10% off any and all throwing knives in the store.

A Big Shout Out

I would like to thank Bruce Deachman for catching wind of In The Air from the Meetup group a mere two months into its activity.  Bruce bragged about it being one of the catchiest things to do in town.

Bruce noted the dedication of the Throwers, the diversity, as well as the simple enjoyment that was expressed on everyone's face.

Gil Hibben is the name to knives as Tesla is to electricity & Henry Ford is to cars.  Though you may not think you know his stuff - you do. Gil made the elaborate Klingon weapons and armor for Star Trek, as well as Rambo knives, and more.  If it is an incredible blade, Gil most likely forged it!

I would also like to thank Xolette for her incredible tutorials, reviews, demonstrations on a huge selection of blades, techniques and more.  By all means, check out her YouTube and subscribe.