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Upcoming Events

Stay tuned and follow us to be notified as we post events, activities, socials and more, for you and our community!

We are open all through the holidays!  Book your events In The Air to celebrate with family, friends, work or just shenanigans!   

If you don't celebrate the holidays, here is a place to "stick it" to the cold season!  Come have fun and do what needs be done - Have a great time!

DATE NIGHTS!  Beginning December 3rd

  • Every Tuesday going forward is date night!  Combine this with a night out at the movies, come for some action!  
  • Two guests throw their first half hour Walk-In at 2-4-1 rate.  
  • Every Tuesday from 4 pm to 10 pm.
  • Lanes for walk-in must be available, booked parties do take priority. 

FREE Axe Throwing Walk-Ins, January 1st, 2 pm to 4 pm

  • Free Axe Throwing Walk-Ins for all! (Ages 16+)
  • For everyone and anyone!
  • Full Training
  • House axes are used
  • Bring friends, try the sport out!
  • *On Available Lanes

FREE - OPEN HOUSE  Knife Throwing Competition for ALL, January 1st, 7pm

  • Free Knife throwing training and tournament (ages 18+)
  • Please Arrive by a 6:45 at the latest to be included in the free training and games.  
  • The training and games start at 7pm sharp so please be on time - by all means arrive way earlier and take advantage of the bar and lounge - make friends meet other throwers!!!
  • Please RSVP your attendance at with the number of guests you are bringing with you. 
  • You will be put into pools with other players to have a full tournament and run for the championship of the top players!
  • House knives, rules and safety will be used
  • This is for everyone to have a great time and celebrate a new year with a new game!  


  • Adult knife throwing season begins January 10th @ 7pm
  • Kids Competition season begins January 12 @ 11am
  • Axe Throwing League begins January 13th @ 6pm
  • For the first week, arrive early for registration and training.
  • Games are tiered for your level, come enjoy the most entertaining way of having fun, staying fit, being social and discovering great beers 

Dungeons & Dragons - 3 hrs @ $21.95


  • Every 1st & 3rd Wednesday at 7pm!
  • No dice, we throw knives for fate decisions, combat, character creation & development 
  • House DM
  • We coach everyone to throw, regardless of what type of character you are. 
  • An incredible opportunity to revolutionize a magical game 
  • No previous experience gaming or throwing experience required

A Big Shout Out

I would like to thank Bruce Deachman for catching wind of In The Air from our Meetup group; a mere two months into its activity.  Bruce bragged about it being one of the catchiest things to do in town.

He noted the dedication of our throwers, the diversity, as well as the simple enjoyment that was expressed on everyone's face.

Gil Hibben: THE name to knives, as Tesla is to electricity & Henry Ford is to cars.  Though you may not think you know his stuff - you do. Gil made the elaborate Klingon weapons and armor for Star Trek, as well as Rambo knives, and more.  If it is an incredible blade, Gil most likely forged it!

I would also like to thank Xolette for her incredible tutorials, reviews, demonstrations on a huge selection of blades, techniques and more.  By all means, check out her YouTube and subscribe.

Special Events

Audree Vachon - AV Creations Art

Audree Vachon of AV Creations Art uses stunning colors to create incredible landscapes & portraits.  

Visually incredibly striking, memorable and great pieces for home & office!

Come see her Audree's work hanging In The Air today; you may find that perfect piece for a holiday gift!

You can find more samples of her work at Av Creations.

Past Special Events

  • The Pumpkin Massacre - Halloween we threw knives at pumpkins, costumes and pumpkin carving!
  • April 25 - Open House Tournament
  • July 26 - Open House to a full house!
  • Valentine's Day & Anti-Valentine's Day was a blast for all!
  • Sample Faction Night January 17th, and Fundraiser for Sabryna Mongeon.
  • In The Air Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with Mayor Jim Watson, January 14th, 2018
  • Galactic Cosplay In The Air - Star Trek Edition - January 6th, 2018 - ALL AGES
  •  We are proud to have hosted Maciek Peter Kozlowski at In the Air, and his incredible art work.
  • October we were honored to have Jean Smith's artwork available and on display.  She turned a lot of heads with her work and inspired many emotions.  You can find Jean's work and connect with her here.