About the Facility

Is There Parking

Tons of free parking.  You can even park your party bus, limos or have all your guests park for free.  We share the theater parking and it is well it & maintained.

Is it Air-Conditioned

In The Air is fully heated and air-conditioned.  We keep the temperature at a very comfortable level - but remember, if you are throwing you are exerting yourself and may feel warm.  Please dress accordingly.

Is it Wheel-Chair Accessible

In The Air is fully wheel chair accesible.  We have parking sports specifically for this requirement, we have large double doors entrance, the entrance has a lowered ramp curb from the parking and the universal washroom is fully equipped for your needs.

Where are You Located

In The Air shares the Bayshore Cineplex complex.  In The Air is actually right on the corner when turning in toward the theater from Carling... you can't miss it!  See our home page for a map and directions.

What is the Capacity

Our facility can host parties up 100+ guests!  There is plenty of room for fun!

Different Languages

We have staff that are able to speak in a few different languages to better serve you, we will be listing those soon.